Friday, June 30, 2006

I guess I can't hate economics

yeah... i give up. i can't hate econ. as you can read here, here, and even here.

sorry to disappoint you, econ-haters.

i'm gonna leave this blog as is, though... see how it plays out itself in the cyberspace....

wait, even in this blog, i have some postings that are econ non-hating... gonna move them to the other blogs sometimes...

Saturday, November 12, 2005

stupid tv

have been spending time in a hospital for almost a week. no, it's not me sick; it's anna's father. all the time i have been watching tv. and i've come to agree with anna how stupid the programs are. you switch channels around and all you get is crappy news or dumb local series ("sinetron" -- for "electronic cinema"). the ramadhan just passed, but i still remember: every hour you can find a "sinetron" devoted for the holy month, except that it's nothing but ghost story. this is the typical plot: some guy commits sin - he is killed in a car accident - his body gets eaten by worms - he haunts his friends and families. this kills me.

and this week, the news rooms get a pet. it's the killing of "dr. azahari" -- the most hunted terrorist. suddenly all tv channels and even radios and newspapers keep talking on that issue. really boring. ok, that man is dead. big deal!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


it's reaching the eid day. expect your cellphones to get clogged by "sms" (short message service). love the technology.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

the story of @ in email address

via google own blog, we learn that @ just turns 34. amazing, the founder didn't file for a patent. there are people like tomlinson who create yet overlooked. happy birthday, @.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

this is ALIVE!

hello there. i know, you have declared that this blog is seriously ignored by its owner. he seems to like his other blogs more (linked on the right pane). but no, you are reading a new post now. i'm back -- this time with no excuse -- nope, nada. just look at how i wrote "alive" above. i usually don't bother hitting "shift" or "caps lock", except when i mean formality or ... some kind of promise...

why back, so? because, yes sometimes when i get so bored i have to vent out. a nonsensical blog makes a good ventout. besides, my wife believes i'm more convincing in talking nonsense than talking economics. what a compliment: i got d-minus trying to persuade my family members that market is wonderful and price tells everything.

other than that, life goes on:

  • many local pundits now have a new bible. it's called "confession of an economic hit man", written by some shaman lover (google up!). i don't like it. but, i'm not allowed by the blog owner to discuss it here. (by the way, did i tell you that sachs failed his nobel prize? and bono, too?)
  • my brother has chosen his way: populism. i applaud his motivation and humanism. i disagree with his solution. that guy from jogja really cloud my brother's eyes.
  • still listen to music and still read fun stuff. as i'm writing this, billie holiday is singing "i'll never be the same". in my car i have ayn rand's "fountainhead" -- sort of reread the classics, i told people. (yes, "on the road" is still on the closet top). and oh, by the way, i watch "alias" every day on the way home. (i love laptops -- not when i'm crunching numbers of algorithm on them, but mostly when i use it watching movie).
  • have added new thingy to my laptop (because i have to not replace it). a pcmcia card for internet phone connection. no, not for oral conversation -- it's my solution to extremely unreliable connection at office.
be back to you again. AGAIN.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

my nephew said i'm the greatest driver

news from my sister in tokyo. from her chat with fadel:

nesia: who's the best driver?
fadel: uncle aco! uncle aco!
nesia: are you sure?
fadel: yes, yes. uncle aco!
nesia: why him? why not auntie nanna?
fadel: ugh... well... look... when it comes to street-turns, uncle aco doesn't need to slow down. auntie nanna does.....
i take that as a compliment :-)